Mone Weisberger

mon33webMy name is Mone Weisberger and I am the owner and designer at RVA Tailors, located in the Scott’s Addition neighborhood of Richmond Virginia. I was born and raised in Laos, a small country in Southeast Asia. This is where I first learned about fabric, weaving cloth with my family. The traditional patterns of silk and cotton that my family creates are well known in Laos for both their beauty and their quality. As I studied more about cloth and design, I started using the fabrics my family created to design and sew dresses, shirts and pants for myself. When I wore my creations around town, others requested that I make clothes for them and my experience grew. I love fashion and strive to help each person find the look and fit that’s just right for them.

Now, after working as a tailor and seamstress for other companies in the Richmond area, I have realized my dream of having my own business–RVA Tailors. We offer custom alternations as well as hand-tailored, one-of-a-kind clothes and house accessories. Come see me and let’s create something beautiful together, or we can just make an existing garment fit perfectly.

Hand-tailored clothes and personal sewing are not just for the ultra-wealthy. Creating beautiful, unique, designed-just-for-you clothes is not a hassle nor is it out of your budget. Whether you need alterations on a pair of slacks or a custom dress designed, we can help. Call me at 804-562-1209 to set up an appointment.