Mone Weisberger

Mone Weisberger

Whether you need alterations on a pair of slacks or a wedding gown we can help.

Call 804-562-1209.

We pride ourselves on helping you love your clothes by providing expert alterations and repairs. We work with you to ensure your clothes match up with your own personal style, and we offer everything from basic hemming to gown alterations.

Love Your Clothes Again

We do repairs and alterations that will have you smiling and happy with the clothes you use to love.  Your favorite black dress no longer fits? Your business suit doesn’t do your body justice? Give us a call and we’ll make your suit fit again.

Walk Right In, Open 9:30 – 5:00

Clothes from a rack in a store are designed for the “average” build. Unless you’re built average in every single way possible, you won’t always find clothing that fits you the way you want. Our hours are 9:30 to 5:00 Tuesday through Thursday.

Contact Us – Call 804-562-1209

Tuesday – Thursday  9:30 – 5:00